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Hello, my name is Susanne Pink. I am a creative design wizard specializing in Business Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Illustration.

My Graphic Design Journey

After becoming a single parent, I had to give up my four-year real estate career. During that turbulent time, I meet a wonderful woman who asked me a question “If money and time where not relevant, what would you do to make money?” I wanted to pursue my artistic talents! My answer profoundly changed the direction and influenced major changes to my life.  By that September I was enrolled in a two-year, full time Graphic Design course at Malaspina University College!

In 1995 I graduated with a Diploma in Applied Arts Visual Communication, Graphic Design option. During my time at school my partner at the time and I stated Carmanah Trading where I created designs for the Souvenir Industry. My designs were applied to 'Soft and Hard Goods' and sold in retail and airport stores coast to coast in Canada and the United States. Carmanah is long gone but the company who bought my designs still sells them in the industry. As of 2021 there are several of my designs in the marketplace in both countries.

I have stayed abreast with the ever-changing industry. With 28 years of Graphic Design expertise, now I help Small Business Owners in their Branding & Graphic Design needs. Small Business Owners hire me to help them become more visible. What I am most passionate about is helping businesses become more recognized and remembered AND seeing the increase in sales that results from having their own unique, authentic branding package.

Animal Portraiture's, Botanical Illustrations and Murals are something I especially enjoy. I work in a wide variety of mediums, pen & ink, acrylics, watercolour, pencil, and collage. Much of my work is commissioned. One commission took me to India 2004 & 2008 where I painted two large wall murals in the Himalayan Foothills on the Ganges River for Tigerpaw Adventures.  Photography is another hobby I enjoy. I entered Peek-a-boo into the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT adjudication international photography competition. All juries gave image an 'A' which earned placement in exhibition held in Austria 2017. A little girl in a remote village in the Himalayan Mountains India depicting her living conditions. 

For two years I volunteered my graphic design services to the Cowichan Valley Arts Council 2019 -2021. In this job I created their posters, Face Book and Instagram layouts for up-and-coming art shows being held at the Art Gallery approximately 30 shows a year. 

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